USB Conference Microphone

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  • CH-110

    • Supports various software videos such as ZOOM, Vidyo, Cisco Webex, Skype for business, Google hangout, etc.
    • Support headset function for easy private call.
    • Excellent voice playback system, loud speaker volume can reach 80dB.
    • Multi-system Operation support: Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux.
    • Delicate and compact, easy to carry.
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  • CH-210

    • Ultra-wideband voice call high-definition technology, microphone intelligent mixing, microphone automatic
      direction finding, dynamic noise suppression, automatic gain control. Dedicated to a comfortable and pleasant
      calling experience.
    • Built-in three unidirectional microphone arrays to form a 360-degree omnidirectional sound pickup with a
      collection radius of 5 meters.
    • Support USB communication, support video conference terminal, computer, multimedia communication terminal.
    • Support analog output of 3.5mm audio interface.
    • Support software video conference, various network conference software& unified communication.
    • Support 2.4G wireless transmission, no wiring to connect to the main equipment.
    • Support advanced Multi-level cascade.
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  • CH-310

    • Support LINE IN / OUT analog interface, connect external communication terminal through 3.5mm audio cable,
      support video conference system, multimedia communication system, UC unified communication platform, VPN
      platform voice support.
    • Support to connect mobile phone terminal through 3.5mm audio cable, support mobile phone hands-free
      conference call.
    • Cooperative office function for multi-party calling: Multi-party conference function integrating USB network
      communication and analog audio interface communication, which can extend video or web conference to mobile
      phone network.
    • Support speaker signal output through 3.5mm interface, connect to external mixer and audio system, to achieve
      local sound reinforcement to meet the needs of larger venues, at this time can support 150 square meters of
      conference room. This function is suitable for USB connection status.
    • Speaker volume reaches 95dB, 16-level speaker volume digital adjustment.
    • Key functions such as off-hook, on-hook, microphone mute, volume up and down, speaker mute, etc.
    • The echo cancellation function can be turned off, and the multi-channel microphones are output to external video
      terminals, computers and other communication terminals through intelligent selection and noise reduction.
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