Voice Tracking Camera

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  • CH-5100

    • 4 Digital Mic Array, 10 meters voice pick up
    • Active Noise Cancelling(ANC),Automatic Echo Cancelling(AEC),to achieve HD voice quality.
    • Automatically rotate and tracks the voice
    • 2 million pixels 1/2.8inch HD CMOS sensor, can achieve 1920×1080 HD picture
    • MJPEG Output Frame Rate 1080P/30fps
    • USB2.0 plug and play, easy to use
    • UseRS232andUSB2.0,twokindsofinterfacesimultaneouslyuseandcontrolthecamera;Supporting RS232/USB2.0 interface long-range upgrade maintain functions
    • No any voice PTZ technology, to let camera rotate without any voice
    • VISCA, PELCO protocol automatic identification technology, don’t need to dial-up or menu setup
    • To achieve camera image flip, zoom, PTZ control and etc. by free exclusive control software
    • Education, Conference, Medical Treatment and etc.
    • Built-in 3.5mm line audio output function, support external speaker out
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  • CH-5200

    • Support HDMI & USB2.0 ports dual video output at the same time, HDMI output up to max 1080P 60fps;
    • USB2.0 output, Max output MJPG/H.264 video 1920*1080 30fps,Resolution backwards compatible 128 0*720,640*480 etc.;
    • Support mechanical PTZ rotate function, Horizontal 355 degree, Vertical 120 degree(+90,-30)。
    • Built-in microphone array, support echo suppression, noise cancellation, 10meters voice pickup. 5、Support horizontal PTZ voice audio positioning function, positioning accuracy up to 10 degrees.
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