• Supports various software videos such as ZOOM, Vidyo, Cisco Webex, Skype for business, Google hangout, etc.
  • Support headset function for easy private call.
  • Excellent voice playback system, loud speaker volume can reach 80dB.
  • Multi-system Operation support: Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux.
  • Delicate and compact, easy to carry.


Cherry CH-210 USB conference microphone is an ultra smart device which is handy, easy to use and simple, the appearance is convenient and it’s modern design is suitable for small meetings or personal use. CH-110 can adapt to 16Khz full-duplex echo cancellation, instantly adapt to various audio and video products and systems with different voice bandwidths, and the sound quality is perfect and matchless. It can support various software videos. Tremendous voice playback system, loud speaker volume can reach 80dB. If you are looking for a cost-effective audio configuration for conference systems, CH-110 is the right choice.


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